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[Comments] (1) In a NY Minute: I can't keep up with this city. Time keeps getting away from me. Today, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It is about 1/3 the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, I think. It was a nice jaunt that gave us a surprise view of Lady Liberty. In Brooklyn, we went to Junior's upon the recommendation of a coworker. We had a hard time finding it (contrary to popular belief, not everything can be "just over the bridge"). I had matzo, Susie had split pea, and we shared a piece of their famous cheesecake. We took the subway back to Wall St, and saw big business at its best. The NYSE and Trump Building were daunting figures, but not so much as the chapel at Trinity Square. We saw the tomb of Alexander Hamilton, laid to rest right in the middle of the downtown financial district. Obviously, his tombstone does not mention anything about RIP.

We then made our way to Union and Washington Square, including perusing NYU, which apparently has no campus. It seems to be strewn across midtown. I'm sure it's a very nice school, but I enjoyed having a college experience more excluded from the city itself. Though they would mock that I call Provo a city, so there you have it.

A lot of the trees have fences around them and grow cabbage in the dirt. I find this odd. At first thought, I decided it was a mini-victory garden. But then I noticed all the dogs going to "the met" there, so it must be for show. Which is also odd, since cabbage is not the most beautiful plant I can think of.

We had dinner in Little Italy, which was decked out for the holidays. To get there, we met my mission buddy and his wife, who walked us through Chinatown. Both Susie and my friend's wife did not care for the Chinese experience and I must say, neither did I. I guess I wasn't in the mood for the Asian equation tonight.

We had dessert at "Rice to Riches," which was very fancy. Susie and Alyssa had the rocky road rice pudding, Nate had the pecan rice pudding, and I had the pumpkin rice pudding. It was all very tasty. I also sampled the coconut pudding. I wouldn't mind going there again.

To recap, my feet are tired, my nose is cold, and my tummy is full. We're having fun!


Posted by Kristen at Tue Nov 21 2006 06:13

Sounds fun. I am jealous.

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