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[Comments] (3) Three Hour Bore: Today we did the Circle Line Tour. Three hours of history and bridges. It was really neato. We got up close and personal with Lady Liberty (which was really cool) and saw parts of NYC I would never have otherwise seen, including Harlem, the Bronx, and Yankee Stadium.

Each day on the subway someone asks us for money for meds. I guess it's good I haven't given yet, because then I'd feel bad about giving to some and not to others. On the other hand, giving is good, and next time I have more than 5 cents in change, I will give.

In the movies, NYC is always stereotyped as having loads of homeless people talking to themselves. I keep thinking I see these people, but really, I don't. Rather, a lot of people just have earphones for their cell phones.

Today we also hit Times Square, where, apparently, EY is king. Our headquarters is there, and I didn't see any of the other firms there. Our sign is not missable, as it covers the length of the entire building. I wonder where the other firms are hiding. It was cool to see, mostly cuz I didn't have to go in there. Whenever I think about moving to this cool city, I think of how much more people work on the east coast, and cancel that idea. I work enough already.

Now, about the subway. It is an awesome system, but could use some upgrades. I think paper tickets should be done away with in favor of an electronic plastic refillable ticket. I also think that the conductor narration should be done away with in place of an electronic PA system. I can't understand those guys anyhow. Other than that, I have enjoyed using the Metro. Twice Susie and I have gotten on express trains, and twice it (luckily) stopped where we needed it to. We saved a lot of time that way, actually. So I suppose I could complain about express trains, but I won't.

We also have been staying up late and sleeping in. So technically we are staying on our CA work schedules pretty well.

Lastly, delta.com sent me an email yesterday to remind me what I can/cannot take on the plane. Nice. AFTER my flight has occured. Those turkeys. Oh well, I suppose it is Thanksgiving after all.


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