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Pie & the Sky: This morning we somehow roused ourselves at 6:30 am to hit the Union Square Farmer's Market. I didn't see any amish, but I saw purple carrots. We bought loads of Thanksgiving yummers. We came home, rested up a bit, and continued back to Manhattan. We hit Saks Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center. Note to the world: that skating rink is really really tiny. The tree is there, but not yet decorated.

We went to the Top of the Rock, which is the 70th floor of Rockefeller Plaza. It's not the Empire State Building, but we liked the view better for the following reasons:

1. We got to look out AT the Empire State Building.

2. We got a better view of Central Park from the Rock.

3. We didn't have to wait in line, as our tickets were good at a certain time. The ESB ticket is good all day, so it's really hit or miss and when people will go.

4. We didn't take our chances with King Kong. Nothing happened, but still....

5. It was $.50 cheaper per person this way.

After the Rock, we wandered over to Broadway & 8th Avenue. We saw the Manhatten Temple, and wandered through Central Park with a pretzel and hot dog in hand. We bought an I Heart NY onesie for the Beet, and a Christmas present for my mom. It rained on us today, but not a lot. Just enough for it to be fall-like and Sinatra-esque. Dinner was pizza with Leonard, served by people who speak real Italian! This crazy city.

It's been pretty cold here. Usually in the 40s, the 50s if we are lucky. Rain is expected all day tomorrow, but we are resting and eating tomorrow anyhow. Lots to be thankful for. Better go give her a kiss.

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