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[Comments] (2) A Bachelor's Weekend: Susie ditched me this weekend to visit the woot. I spent Saturday cleaning out the fridge and Christmas shopping. I think we got everyone's gifts, except for my mom's, which we will pick up in Utah. Very productive. And very lonely.

Church went well. I had to play. We sang "Prayer of Thanksgiving" for the opening hymn, as it is November, and we sang "Adam-ondi-ahman" for the closing hymn. No one was singing. I felt like I was playing an organ solo up on the stand. After the bishop told me "Well, they'll know it next time." Honestly, don't people get sick of singing "I believe in Christ" every week? I also have to play for a baptism tonight, last minute, and don't know what I'm playing. Well, they'll get what they pay for.

In primary I had to take on an extra class for a no-show teacher. And since Susie wasn't there the 1st counsellor had to sit in. The lesson, on service, was (as usual) a complete waste. I had to make my own. We made little coupon books with items of service the kids can do for their parents. Thanks to my sister's generosity in utilizing leftover scrapbooking mats, the coupon books were tres chic. Then we played a game: the kids had to toss a bean bag into one of three buckets, then answer a question based on the bucket number. If they answered it right, they got a skittle. I thought it was a good lesson, but the 1st counsellor didn't seem to find it conservative enough. Prediction: I won't be in primary next year.

But life is good. We leave for NYC in two weeks. Jon & Sharon are visiting us this week. The holidays are coming. I don't have to work late anymore for a while. Thanksgiving's in the air!


Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 06 2006 08:05

No one ever sings in my ward, ever. Even if it is a familiar song. It is so lame. Maybe because the hymn books are never distributed well, but still...I hate it.

Lucky, you get visitors.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Nov 06 2006 21:10

I LOVE singing all those "obscure" hymns. Picking the music makes playing for the congregation worth it.

Dave substituted for Atticus' class and had the kids entranced with the story of Jesus washing the Apostles' feet. Just bring in a little extra description, like feet filthy with donkey poop, and you are sure to have someone's attention.


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