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[Comments] (1) : French Freedom Christian Fries. I noticed yesterday that In-n-Out has scriptures hidden on the bottom ring of their little palm tree cups. Also, the family sitting next to me held hands and had a prayer in the joint yesterday. I personally think that blessing fast food is asking for a bit much. But at least it wasn't McDonalds I guess.

I finally yesterday received the green light on my CPA! The catch: $200 more for my first license, and then $200 every other year for the rest of my life. And the certificate won't arrive in the mail for another 180 days from the date they receive my money. Ah, the joys of being a professional in a government-regulated field.

[Comments] (1) How the BCS Stole Christmas: The holidays have come early to SoCal, at these for those not of the "University of Spoiled Children" persuasion: UCLA tromped all over USC's football program, dashed their hopes of a national championship, and realigned the egos of half my coworkers. I'm in seventh heaven, practically skipping all over the office inquiring about the "big game." I'm lovin' it!

[Comments] (2) Ho No No: I love this time of year. In church on Sunday, the other 6 year-old class teachers didn't show. We saw them the night before at the creche competition, but whatever. So of course, with no advance notice, we added three more kids to our class. Good thing I always come prepared with lots of treats.

So seven kids against me, a pregnant wife, and a Beet. Susie mostly sits in the corner these days and watches me at work. Poor thing. One of the kids from the other class is intense. He can't sit still. During sharing time, I had him on one lap (he's very affectionate) and Matthew on the other lap. For almost thirty minutes straight. Now I know how Santa feels.

Speaking of Santa: that's how I made it through this whole ordeal. The kids were out of control in class. So I told them that I saw two of Santa's elves on the way in to church this morning, so they had better be good. It really jolted a few of them. Susie says that someone did peek through the window into our classroom, and Elizabeth confirmed that it was and elf.

It was interesting to watch this whole scene play out. Half of the kids said they saw an elf peek in our classroom at some point or another, while the other half said they never saw one. So what motivated half of the kids to say they saw an elf? My guesses are:

1. They saw the man who very briefly peeked in at the beginning of the class, didn't recognize him, and assumed he was an elf because I told them so.

2. They don't believe in SC, but helped me perpetuate the myth to keep order in the classroom. I hope this is not the answer. Six year-olds should still believe in a little Christmas magic, IMHO.

3. They wanted to be cool and see an elf, so they said they saw one to fit in. Not seeing would have terrible implications.

4. They really think they saw something, because they wanted to, and they have wonderful imaginations. The big wreath at the end of the hall could be an elf dressed in festive green and red, some movement seen between people walking in the halls could be an elf hiding amongst the populace, etc.

Whatever the reason may be, Christmas is fun when you have children to share it with.

[Comments] (3) You never can tell with Busy Bees: Busy lately. The weekend of Dec 9-10 Susie and I attended a primary breakfast with Santa, went to the temple, and attended a Christmas party wherein it was determined that Susie and I know each other better than any other couple present. This party also consisted of a white elephant gift exchange, wherein I received a belt hanger that I actually like. It's funny, because I always thought that white elephant meant wrapping up junk around the house, but it seemed that most of the couples went out and actually bought junk to wrap. And yet, the junk from around our house was the most fought-after gift of the entire party (a Williams Sonoma pumpkin bundt pan that we never used).

This week I spent slaving over the piano learning how to play a funky rendition of "Silent Night" for the ward choir. I doctored the music quite a bit, and it actually sounded ok. Not sure how the choir sounded; wasn't really paying attention.

Then we moved. Rachel and I, in 8 hours, moved everything from our old apartment to the new. We also cleared out our storage closet full of baby stuff into "Rachel's room." Saturday the missionaries and the EQ presidency came and helped us move the hutch, fridge, piano, couch, and bed. And they did a much better job than our $2K movers did when they moved us in! What a joke. I felt guilty for using the EQ when I never help with moves (I blame being primary, but who am I kidding?) so I got them all Jamba Juice gift cards. And we're taking the missionaries out to CPK tonight.

The new place. I felt very hesitant to unpack the sheet music and bookshelves, and for good reason. Last night our neighbor complained about the piano, so I moved it onto the wall by our bedroom so as not to disturb his idiot box time. And actually the place looks much better that way. Luckily the baby's room is on the outside, so he can't complain about that....

Yesterday, primary was very chill. We watched the Peanuts Christmas show, made Christmas cards, and ate rice krispie treats. The kids deserved an easy Sunday, and so did I. We find out Wed who our new class is for next year (apparently good help is hard to find and we are not being released, in spite of the beet).

Yesterday in sharing time the kids dressed up as BoM characters and we had to guess who they are. Parker, a three year old, yelled out "It's Captain Jack Sparrow." It wasn't; it was Samuel the Lamanite. And here I thought Samuel the Lamanite was a gingerbread man....

Finished Lost: Season 2 last night. Very interesting show.

Leave for UT Friday. For now: Back to work.

[Comments] (3) The Pursuit of Happyness: The other day I was at a client, who I probably should not disclose, doing Sarbanes Oxley control testing surrounding their income tax process. It was amazing. They were the friendliest bunch of people I've ever met. Everyone says hello in the halls with a big smile, even though they had no idea who I was. It was cool. They were even nice to me when I broke their copy machine!

Last night Susie and I attended the ward Primary party. We found out that we get to use a different teaching manual next year, which is very good news, as we were dreading revisiting the old one again. We are teaching the same class, I think mainly because of Spencer and his condition. I'm excited. I didn't want to do 6 year-olds again because they can't read and write. Now that we know all our kids are literate, our range of activities has increased exponentially. Matthew's mom was very excited we were sticking around; she said Matthew loves our class.

Susie, however, seems a bit disappointed. She thinks I spoil the kids too much and wanted a chance to start with a fresh batch that would have lower expectations for such spoilage. She also seemed disappointed that we won't be released when the Beet is fully harvested. All the primary president would say was "The Bishopric said no; they have full confidence in you." The real question, then, is if we have that same confidence in ourselves....

Today is my last day of work until 2007!


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