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[Comments] (1) : French Freedom Christian Fries. I noticed yesterday that In-n-Out has scriptures hidden on the bottom ring of their little palm tree cups. Also, the family sitting next to me held hands and had a prayer in the joint yesterday. I personally think that blessing fast food is asking for a bit much. But at least it wasn't McDonalds I guess.

I finally yesterday received the green light on my CPA! The catch: $200 more for my first license, and then $200 every other year for the rest of my life. And the certificate won't arrive in the mail for another 180 days from the date they receive my money. Ah, the joys of being a professional in a government-regulated field.


Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Dec 06 2006 17:18

Amen to that last bit.

All I have to say is this: FEMA-like Health Care.

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