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[Comments] (2) Ho No No: I love this time of year. In church on Sunday, the other 6 year-old class teachers didn't show. We saw them the night before at the creche competition, but whatever. So of course, with no advance notice, we added three more kids to our class. Good thing I always come prepared with lots of treats.

So seven kids against me, a pregnant wife, and a Beet. Susie mostly sits in the corner these days and watches me at work. Poor thing. One of the kids from the other class is intense. He can't sit still. During sharing time, I had him on one lap (he's very affectionate) and Matthew on the other lap. For almost thirty minutes straight. Now I know how Santa feels.

Speaking of Santa: that's how I made it through this whole ordeal. The kids were out of control in class. So I told them that I saw two of Santa's elves on the way in to church this morning, so they had better be good. It really jolted a few of them. Susie says that someone did peek through the window into our classroom, and Elizabeth confirmed that it was and elf.

It was interesting to watch this whole scene play out. Half of the kids said they saw an elf peek in our classroom at some point or another, while the other half said they never saw one. So what motivated half of the kids to say they saw an elf? My guesses are:

1. They saw the man who very briefly peeked in at the beginning of the class, didn't recognize him, and assumed he was an elf because I told them so.

2. They don't believe in SC, but helped me perpetuate the myth to keep order in the classroom. I hope this is not the answer. Six year-olds should still believe in a little Christmas magic, IMHO.

3. They wanted to be cool and see an elf, so they said they saw one to fit in. Not seeing would have terrible implications.

4. They really think they saw something, because they wanted to, and they have wonderful imaginations. The big wreath at the end of the hall could be an elf dressed in festive green and red, some movement seen between people walking in the halls could be an elf hiding amongst the populace, etc.

Whatever the reason may be, Christmas is fun when you have children to share it with.


Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 07 2006 12:24

You love teaching Primary! you're such a good teacher.

"creche competetion" hee.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Dec 07 2006 12:43

The emperor's new elf! You have two laps?

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