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[Comments] (8) Just Desserts: Yesterday in primary was very tough without Susie. Spencer, the boy with Down's Syndrome, refused to sit still. I took Susie's rubix cube, which is all mess up now (sorry Susie) and quelled him for about half of the general session. But then during singing time I finally just took him outside and let him run around. When I got back, all the kids were being quite noisy and obnoxious, except for my class. They were sitting quietly like angels. And they were teacherless. Well. Susie says I spoil them with too many treats. But after yesterday's performance, they earned it all. I was very proud.

The four year-old class teacher did not show up. So they came to class with me, in exchange that the Primary President's husband watch Spencer. It went very well, except that one girl got chalk all over her dress. Four year-olds are too young for chalk; yet, there was no time to modify my lesson at that point. Spencer's a good kid, and I feel bad knowing that his mother has to deal with his ailment all day every day. And I only have to do it for two hours a week. I hope God's not preparing me for something here.

In other news, Tyler knows Weezer and Green Day. He truly is a four year-old going on eleven.

In other, sadder news, a friend of Susie's and mine found out her husband is cheating on her. That is so sad to me. Some life experiences I hope to completely allude all of my mortal days.


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