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[Comments] (4) Living Large: Went to D-land again on Saturday. This past month, the parks have been overrun with perky, pink cheerleaders from around the nation. When it was our turn to go on the Tower of Terror, we saw the elevator full of 15 year-old drama queens. We opted for the next elevator. The castmember noted that we made the right choice. Maybe it's cuz I was never that cool in jr high or high school, but seeing these "transparent" cheerleaders made me ill. Or maybe it was just that they were wearing more makeup than a clown, and I'm scared of clowns. I'll stop now. I'm sure they can't all be bad. After all, they did invent the alternate spelling for rowdy (r-o-w-d-i-e).

Today in church the sacrament meeting was quite empty. Having put in about 10 hours into this week's lesson, I was understandably upset. But we actually had all our kids present for our lesson on missionaries. So I made each of the kids mission badges and wrote their names on little strips of paper. Then they were blindfolded and taped their names on the map to decide where they would serve their missions. We visited each continent, noting what missionaries might do there. Obviously, the bulk of the lesson was on Asian missionaries. We listened to Chinese music, looked at Chinese money and pictures, and learned how to eat marshmellows with chopsticks. It was one of my best lessons and I was glad to have the whole class there to participate.

On the funny side, the primary president asked the kids what our goal in life is. One of the kids in the other class answered that it was to find gold and hide it in your house. My children, of course, always answer all of the questions correctly. That's cuz I tell them the answers. Since Clayton sat next to me, he got to shout out all the right answers. Matthew, understandably upset by this, said, "hey, tell me the answer next time." I believe the jig is up.


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