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[Comments] (6) Settled: Back from a semi-relaxing jaunt to Bakersfield and then on to Utah. Words cannot express the loss of a loved one. Mostly, I felt like Jellybean all week; that is, lost, alone, and kinda bored. But these are some of the things people have told me that last few days that have had an impression on me:

Hannah: My daddy's in Chicago now. John: Really? What's he doing there? Hannah: Buying me and my brother presents!

John: So where are Jodi and Franco? Ember: On Exile Island.

President Tanner: After my father died, my mother said to herself "That's It" and went to bed to die. Three years later, she realized that it was time to live.

Grandma June: There is nothing harder in life than getting old and being in pain.

Grandma June: (contradicting herself) There is nothing harder in life than losing a child.

Grandma June: I wish I'd had more kids. Like 7, maybe. But I didn't know anything back then. So I guess I should be pretty lucky I had 5.

Grandma June: Raising kids isn't so hard. That's why I kept having more.

Mom: When I get old, will you take care of me?

Me in Primary: Susie's mommy died. Kc: She has a mom?

Alyson: It's easy to be friends; it's tough to be family.

James: (for no apparent reason, I might add) I love you, Uncle John!

Susie: I'm really disappointed about this. You really would think that a Cracker Barrel Store would have cheese and crackers.

Sumana: (to me) I am glad you are a member of this family.

Me: (to just about everybody I met) Frances really wanted to to have _____ (random item in the house).

Also, I have learned a lot of things this past week. I have learned that there is no such thing as a poor mortician, so plan ahead. Uncle Jon is amazing with his hands (he made mom's casket). Cousin Sarah has a very messy room. In-laws are good for more than they may seem. My mother-in-law wanted ribs at her wedding. The Kinsman Society Chorus is a fancy name for congregational hymn. As far as mothers-in-law are concerned, I had the best one around.


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