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[Comments] (1) For the Birds: Here are some stories I've been meaning to write about:

Story 1: I must have very iron-rich blood. On our cruise, every time we went through a metal detector it would go off, even if I was going into the store and not out of it. I figured it must be the ship's problem. But then in Target the other day I set it off again going into the store, but luckily not going out of it. Now every time I see a metal detector I break into a cold sweat, look for a way around it, and pray as I tiptoe through it.

Story 2: Clayton, a 5 year-old in our Primary class, kept telling me that his brother is in rehab. His brother's like 14, and I had not seen him pass the sacrament lately. I thought that seemed really sad that the poor kid was on drugs. It can happen to anyone, I guess. Well, we had some of our friends in the ward over for dinner, and one of them teaches his Sunday School class. So I asked him about it. Turns out it is a physical therapy rehab center because the poor kid blew out his knee playing volleyball, hence why he wasn't passing the sacrament.

Story 3: Last night at Disneyland Susie and I got front and center seats in front of the castle to watch the fireworks show. In the middle of the show this duck takes off into the sky out of the moat. Just as the duck gets above us, fireworks shoot out from every direction, and the duck turns our way. As he does so, he loses control of his bowels and dumps poop all over the people behind us, and luckily only a tiny amount splashed my way, and none onto Susie. Now I know where the term "scared sh*tless" comes from.


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