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[Comments] (1) Lessons Learned the Hard Way:: Never read a Dan Brown novel on an airplane. The man next to me wouldn't shut up about it. I think I finally convinced him that the novel is fiction, since the word fiction is printed on the side of the book. Then he went on a whole tirade about Iraq, morality in America, etc. And he is an expert, because he knows someone who's been to Iraq, and knows someone who is gay. Please. Like that means anything. Lucky for him, I kept my big mouth shut and just listened. I mostly amused myself by laughing at his wife across the aisle.

The entire rest of the plane was going to Disneyland. I think they were all related somehow. Not exactly sure. But there were lots of kids, and I could tell that they bothered her immensely. They were all very excited for their trip.

Another lesson I learned the hard way on Sunday is regarding accompanying the ward choir. They sang hymn 96, Dearest Children, God is Near You, and I played impeccably. In retrospect, I should have messed up a little. I always mess up a little. I think this was my first flawless performance. Which means that I am now doomed to accompany them for the rest of my life.


Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 25 2006 13:20

Maybe you can mess up a little during your organ debut next time. You'll have to really try though, since you're so good.


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