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[Comments] (8) Waiting my turn: Now that Susie has officially blessed the announcement, I too would like to post that we are having a baby, due February 28. February 28. Yeah, right. Due March XX.

I am very very very excited about this. We waited a few years into our marriage because I never felt ready for this responsibility, and always figured I never would. I really assumed that Susie would one day break me on this one, and we'd have a baby. But that's not how it's played out. I'm excited, I feel like I'm ready to be a father, and I want this.

I already have such a wishlist for our unborn child: that he will be healthy, that he will get Susie's good looks, that he will be smart, that adopted grandparents (or that various aunts and uncles) will replace the void of the missing ones, etc.

NB - For all those that told me birth control takes 2-6 months to wear off, poo poo. Here, indeed, history is bunk.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Sep 07 2006 10:52

Congrats! Woohoo! I'm looking forward to seeing you grow into awesome parenthood as much as I'm looking forward to seeing little Vijay or Vijaya Chadwick grow up. (Kidding about the name.)

And it depends on the birth control....right?

Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 07 2006 11:42

"that he will get Susie's good looks, that he will be smart"

You mean my good looks and your smarts.

Also, note how John refers to the baby as a "he". =)

Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 08 2006 07:58

Oh my gosh!!! YAY! Congrats. I was going to ask if you knew it was a boy. When do you get to find out the gender?

It depends on birth control for everyone. With Lily it took 1 month and baby boy took 3 months. I am confused as to whether it took you a week or a year.

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 08 2006 08:14

I don't think it even took a week! And we just got our ultrasound appt. for later this month.

Posted by Louise at Tue Sep 12 2006 12:31


Posted by Alyson at Fri Sep 15 2006 22:20

With Atticus, we were two weeks off of the pill (calculate: during the cycle following going off b.c.). I know maybe this kind of info is better kept to ones self, but I'm with John. 2-6 months is bunk.

Posted by jill at Sat Sep 16 2006 12:18

yah!!! I am so excited for you guys. maybe it will be born on my birthday(Mar. 2) which is also Lorna and Earls anniversary...that would be fun!


Posted by Joe Walch at Sun Sep 17 2006 16:35

Much Congratulations. Yeah we were off the pill for 2 weeks too--just kidding. Our time will also arrive.


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