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[Comments] (3) The Handyman Can!: Here are the highlights of holiday 2006:

Somehow managing to get out of SoCal with the rest of the state populace in tow. The road cleared up after the 215 interchange and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. We also went through some really cool fog in Fillmore for about an hour.

It was a white (and cold) Christmas in UT!

My sister moved to UT, leaving Susie and I the only outcasts now.

Susie receiving the new-fangled iPod shuffle for Christmas. Though I think I'm more amazed that I figured out how to get songs onto it. I wonder how to get them off now....

Two Words: Swedish Bread.

Discovering (rather painfully) that an elliptical really exercises different muscles than a treadmill. That, and trying to readjust to the higher elevation.

Cafe Rio, the Soup Kitchen, the Golden Wok, and Betos.


Seeing half of a new cabin. Even in its unfinished state, I already think it's nicer than the old one.

Visiting various Whitneys.

Tyler: "I want to see Susie's tummy baby."

Making up Christmas caroles to entertain the nieces.

Getting a really nice Christmas gift from grandma June.

Listening to Ember read a story to Beet every night before bed.

Listening to Ember play with her new toys by herself.

Listening to Ember's alarm clock for 15 minutes (she set it for 7 am the day after Christmas so she could get up and play with her toys. She slept right through it; I, however, did not).

Contemplating moving to the Beehive State.

Seeing "Eragon" & "Night at the Museum."

More secrets than I care to recall, but will never be able to forget.

Baby showers involving lots of pink.

Becoming quite familiar with the 15 between Baker and Barstow on the way home, and watching the pile-up to Vegas stretch on for hours.

Elizabeth, saying the class prayer on New Year's Eve: "Bless Sister Chadwick's baby that it won't die."

Watching the ox and lamb keep time.

Going to bed in 2006, and waking up in 2007!

Celebrating New Year's Day at the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney.

Putting up the baby crib, without instructions! I'm soooo impressed with myself. Those things are not the most intuitive.

Putting sheets on the baby's bed. I really should post a picture. The bedding is all Winnie-the-Pooh, and I brought all my pooh animals from home. I am missing Pooh (we bought Piglet at Downtown Disney), but we have Owl, Tigger, Kanga and Roo, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Piglet now! Susie says Beet already has so many friends!

Settling into our new place! We really like it.

Coming back to work. Nuff said.


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