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[Comments] (5) Naughty Naughty No No No: I've been bad in not updating. But in my defense, one of the client's sites I've been working at does not allow me to peruse crummy.com.

So what's new? Nothing at all. I work a lot, I run a lot, I sleep not a lot, and I play as often as possible. Our complex gym has been locking me out the mornings, so I've resorted to running outside, of all things. It's really nice to watch the sunrise as I come up over the killer hills at the Newport Beach back bay. I always watch for Uncle Justin while I'm there, but have yet to spot him.

Susie & the Beet have been spoiled the last three Saturdays in a row. I assembled our changing table and figured out how to use the bassinet. I've also learned to appreciate the color pink! I guess people really can change.


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