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[Comments] (3) Think Think Think: I think entirely too much. It's not bad enough that FAS 109 and FAS 123R have my head spinning this busy season. I'm also dealing with the following issues:

A lot of my coworkers are lawyers. One had a law journal on his desk. The cover story was about Warren Jeffs, the so-called Mormon polygamist who was on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List. I tried to explain to my coworker that he's not a Mormon. But back at my cube later I got to thinking about how a lot of Christians don't allow me, as a Mormon, that title. So here I am, on the one hand, proclaiming myself a Christian, all the while denying this man the right to call himself a Mormon with my other hand. I can't seem to rationalize my position in my head, and it bothers me.

Also, Susie and I have been discussing the Beet a lot. I'm very concerned because I really want to instill in her a desire to have a college degree, a career, a happy family, et al. And I'm worried that moving to UT may somewhat stifle this dream. Then I realize that my "daddy knows best" thought process may not even be right for her. So how do you guide and parent without her resenting me doing so? And am I jumping the gun? I mean, all she really wants is a loving home and the occasional bottle and diaper change. Baby steps....

Today for primary we are learning about prophets. Once again, the lesson manual isn't worth the tree desruction it caused to be printed, so we're playing memory with the pictures of the 12 apostles, and I made a crossword puzzle with the names of the latter-day prophets. I had a lot of fun learning about them as I put the clues together.

Susie and I are both kind of hoping this is our last Sunday running the ward for a while.


Posted by Louise at Sun Feb 25 2007 20:58

It is widely accepted that christianity is made up of many denominations of people who all recognize Christ. However, it is not so widely known that there are several groups who have received the nickname "Mormon". Therefore, I don't think it's a bad thing to point out the difference.

Mr Jeffs can call himself "Mormon" all he likes, but he's NOT a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that's the destinction that can be made without remorse.

P.S. On a different note, I'm so excited for the new baby cousin to arrive! Good luck.

Posted by Sumana at Mon Feb 26 2007 08:11

I'm sure you and Susie will provide a fine home for Beet wherever you go. I can't reassure you better than Jon Carroll can:

I've never belonged to a religion where there's an authority that formally admits and excommunicates members, so I've never been able to legitimately say "He says he's a (blank), but he's not." But you do! Hence: Louise's point seems sound. Even a quick Google search on Warren Jeffs allows me to see right away that he's a member of a breakaway sect, not the main LDS church.

What law journal was that, by the way? Sounds interesting!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 26 2007 09:03

You'll be a great dad. Everyone goes through feeling unqualified...heck, I go through feeling that everyday. But I can tell you love Beet and anything you do out of love can't be too detrimental. Like you said baby steps. 2 more days (give or take)!

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