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[Comments] (4) : Perfect baby. Imperfect father. Solutions?


Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 28 2007 18:40

Just wait...I thought Lily was perfect too. I told my mom I never wanted her to get big because she was just so cute and innocent. But she did, and she is no longer perfect. haha But we love her anyway.

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 28 2007 20:38

We can't wait for her to get bigger.

Posted by Susan at Thu Mar 29 2007 09:27

Don't rush them growing up. They end up like John--grown, married, and living away. Looking back, it goes too fast. Don't try to be perfect. Raising kids helps with perfecting parents and we don't want that taken away.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Mar 29 2007 11:08

Relax and breathe deeply.

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