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[Comments] (5) Nicknames: Today Susie went to breakfast with a friend, at my request, so I could bond with my angel. I fed her freshly-pumped milk and took her to the Back Bay by Uncle Justin's house for a nice walk in the baby bjorn. It was hotter than I expected, but we walked for almost an hour.

Towards the end she woke up and I addressed her as Maggie, which was a bit wierd to me. I have way too many nicknames for her, including Sugar Beet, Beautiful, Honey, Daughter, Baby Girl, Cuddlemuffin, Pumpkinbutt, Snagglepuss, Bugaboo, Precious, Little One, Daddy's Girl, etc. But it felt good to call her Maggie. Note to self: use her name more often, but still keep the nickames.

I am sad to hear of Jellybean's passing. It reminds me of my puppie's passing over three years ago. I am comforted that Tonks is back, at least. Pets die much more frequently than humans, which is one of the major drawbacks to pets. Dealing with death is never fun, especially when you have to make a decision to end a life. I wonder what the Catholic stance is on ending animal life? Maybe I'll look it up.


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