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[Comments] (1) Deep Thoughts by John Chadwick: As I feed my little sweetest at 5 am, my mind considers what my daughter's mind considers. First, does she remember the womb anymore? And if so, does she miss it? I can't imagine she would; after all, Susie and I are wrapped around her little finger. But then again, that was the epitome of the simple life.

Second, does Maggie understand that she won't always be so small and dependent? Or does she think that this is the status quo?

I took work off today to get my daughter ready for life: she now has a social security number, a gmail account, an ING money market college fund (hope she'll use it responsibly), and a birth certificate. Gotta love sitting in a government office lobby for 30 minutes just to pay $17 to get a piece of paper proving that Maggie is alive.

Things left to do include preparing a will. I feel too young to write a will, but I suppose it's necessary. I wonder how that all works? Can I write my own and just get it notarized? After watching my in-laws dealing with a lawyer to sell the house, I'm so not interested in using a lawyer. Also on the list: get a life insurance policy. I have a small one (group term) at work, but I think it'll take more than that to raise my little sugar beet.

Next on the list for the day, however: enjoy my bugaboo!


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