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[Comments] (1) So Spoiled: Such a great Easter weekend. I decided it was high time that we had an easter hunt of our own. I hid about 15 eggs and a few presents. Susie had a really tough time finding everything, even the obvious stuff. But eventually she found lots of candy. I also got her a DVD and an iTunes giftcard, though I've reserved a few dollars on the giftcard for some Rascal Flats music.

But even more important are the presents from the Beet. She has been such an angel lately. She never fusses. Sat morning after our 5 am feeding she was wide awake, but she still let me put her down. I think she entertained herself in her crib for a full hour before going back to sleep, but at least she let Susie & I have peace. Then this morning she didn't wake me up until 6:30! By then, I'd already slept over 8 hours, so I'm the earlybird today. What a good girl we have. I'm thoroughly enjoying my weekend home.


Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 08 2007 11:32

I am enjoying your weekend home too! Thanks for the presents and for feeding the Beet at night.

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