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[Comments] (2) : Today they had an "Inclusivity" training at work. And I wasn't invited. All I can say to that is "wow." Failure before you even get started. The story of HR.

Today when I went home for lunch the Beet was just dozing off in her bouncer. She took one look at me, dropped the binky, smiled, and stared at me. When I got up to get a drink, she fussed. I held her and we read a Dr. Seuss story "And to think it happened on Mulberry Street." Then we went for a little walk. When I came back to work, she cried when I gave her to Susie, and went dutifully back to sleep. Such a warm fuzzy feeling that is.

Maggie's Law: Whatever can go wrong....will. It is so hard to love the project I'm on at work right now and also love my daughter. I wish I could be two places at once. Or go without sleep. Then I could work all night. Oh well, less blogging, more snuggling. It's a small solution.

[Comments] (3) Road Trip: We are officially insane. We left for UT Wednesday night at 10 pm, just as Maggie was dozing off to sleep. We arrived in Vegas at 1 am to feed the Ford and the Beet. I kept driving (I suppose everyone has some masochistic tendencies). We arrived in Beaver at 6 am (due to losing an hour of time) and once again fed a tired car and baby. Susie took over the driving. We arrived in Lehi at 9 am, so total the trip only took 11 hours. Maggie slept the whole way, minus the last hour where we basically smiled at each other non-stop.

Grandma June loves her second-to-newest granddaughter. Apparently my cousin Sheryl, who lives back East, had a girl last weekend. In my family, Grandma June gets at least 3 new great grandkids a year. Grandma fed Maggie a bottle and held her for an hour. They got along great!

Made it to SLC around 11 am, completely exhausted, only to have each of my siblings whine about this or that and ask that we bring Maggie to see them. Sure, why not? I mean, hey, we only drove 700 miles to see you all. What's another 30? Good grief.

Anyway, Maggie finally had had enough, and we have put a moratorium on leaving my parent's house again until Monday when we head back home. Maggie is a precious gem and she earned the right to be spoiled on her terms. Dragging her here and there is not fair to her. She did let us take her to see the cabin this morning, and she really seemed to enjoy going on our walk in the woods. The remodel will be done in less than two months, and we can't wait to move up here and utilize it!

Tyler slept over last night. He told his mom "I hope Uncle John will tickle me like he used to when I was four." So I obliged him. Luckily he slept upstairs, because he threw up all night. Having not slept in about 40 hours, Susie and I were downstairs and didn't even notice. Poor grandma. Had to clean up after him. And poor Tyler. It's not fun being sick. He threw up all over himself and filled the toilet before he finally felt good enough to go and tell grandma.

Tomorrow is Maggie's blessing. Jon & Sharon are coming. I hope I don't forget my lines!

[Comments] (1) : Happy First Mother's Day to my Sweet Baboo.

Friendship: I am so popular now that I'm a dad. Strangers will stop and talk to me just to meet my baby.

Because of our trip last week, I'm now two episodes behind on Lost. I guess I better finish my work so Susie and I can catch up.

[Comments] (2) As the old saying goes....: Today I couldn't stop laughing in church. We have not had Elizabeth sit by us since Maggie arrived. But Friday night at the pie auction I told her she could sit with us again and help us finish off the last of the goldfish. First today, she showed me a magic trick. I told her she was really good and should learn some more, as to which she said "I'm not even a musician!"

She didn't stop talking through the whole meeting. And she would end every sentence with "your baby is so cute." She would touch her small feet and say "my feet used to be that small when I was a baby too!" Then she would touch her hands and say "my hands used to be that small when I was a baby too!" and on and on in this fashion.

Both she and Clayton told me that they miss us so much in Primary and they are excited for us to return. When Elizabeth told us about her upcoming trip to North Carolina I asked her if she was going to move there. So said "No way! I wouldn't be able to see your baby anymore!"

Speaking of talking a lot: Maggie has been so chatty lately. This morning after her morning feeding (around 7 am) she wouldn't let me put her down. She talked to me for 30 minutes straight and then zonked out. She did the same thing just now (and is taking a nice nap, thankfully). Girls sure do love talking.

I have to get all my work done in three weeks so I can have my month paternity leave be peaceful. Needless to say, it's going to be a nasty three weeks. Bring it on.

[Comments] (2) What I've Been Waiting For: I get a four-day weekend for Memorial Day. Then I get a four-week vacation starting June 11. Grandma June is concerned that I will be bored with my time off. I prefer to think of it as learning to relax and actually being excited to return to work July 9. In the meantime, I'm sure that taking care of Maggie and getting back into a workout routine will somehow keep me busy.

Plus, I will have primary lessons to prepare (we resume teaching next week) and organ playing to catch up on. The new ward chorister (a real piece of work) refuses to let us pick the songs. She says that's not how it's done. I tried to explain to her that since neither of us actually play the organ, that it's ok to deviate from the norm in this situation. She left us a phone message saying she'll quit if we don't play her songs next week. The problem is that I can't play I Believe in Christ, nor do I want to. I've tried to help the ward learn new songs, though they are rather resistant. So she says she'll quit, huh? I think I'm about ready to call her bluff.


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