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[Comments] (3) Road Trip: We are officially insane. We left for UT Wednesday night at 10 pm, just as Maggie was dozing off to sleep. We arrived in Vegas at 1 am to feed the Ford and the Beet. I kept driving (I suppose everyone has some masochistic tendencies). We arrived in Beaver at 6 am (due to losing an hour of time) and once again fed a tired car and baby. Susie took over the driving. We arrived in Lehi at 9 am, so total the trip only took 11 hours. Maggie slept the whole way, minus the last hour where we basically smiled at each other non-stop.

Grandma June loves her second-to-newest granddaughter. Apparently my cousin Sheryl, who lives back East, had a girl last weekend. In my family, Grandma June gets at least 3 new great grandkids a year. Grandma fed Maggie a bottle and held her for an hour. They got along great!

Made it to SLC around 11 am, completely exhausted, only to have each of my siblings whine about this or that and ask that we bring Maggie to see them. Sure, why not? I mean, hey, we only drove 700 miles to see you all. What's another 30? Good grief.

Anyway, Maggie finally had had enough, and we have put a moratorium on leaving my parent's house again until Monday when we head back home. Maggie is a precious gem and she earned the right to be spoiled on her terms. Dragging her here and there is not fair to her. She did let us take her to see the cabin this morning, and she really seemed to enjoy going on our walk in the woods. The remodel will be done in less than two months, and we can't wait to move up here and utilize it!

Tyler slept over last night. He told his mom "I hope Uncle John will tickle me like he used to when I was four." So I obliged him. Luckily he slept upstairs, because he threw up all night. Having not slept in about 40 hours, Susie and I were downstairs and didn't even notice. Poor grandma. Had to clean up after him. And poor Tyler. It's not fun being sick. He threw up all over himself and filled the toilet before he finally felt good enough to go and tell grandma.

Tomorrow is Maggie's blessing. Jon & Sharon are coming. I hope I don't forget my lines!


Posted by Kristen at Sun May 13 2007 14:55

You must really love your family. Aaron and I tried to pull all nighters on road trips home to SA but we never make it. Well one time Aaron made it with just Joe and Louise but Lily and I flew down. She was 4 months old. I am amazed Maggie did so well.

Posted by John at Mon May 14 2007 10:54

I doubt I could have done the same thing all the way to TX. Isn't it like twice the distance?

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 14 2007 21:04

Yeah, about 20ish give or take an hour depending on how fast you drive.

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