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[Comments] (2) What I've Been Waiting For: I get a four-day weekend for Memorial Day. Then I get a four-week vacation starting June 11. Grandma June is concerned that I will be bored with my time off. I prefer to think of it as learning to relax and actually being excited to return to work July 9. In the meantime, I'm sure that taking care of Maggie and getting back into a workout routine will somehow keep me busy.

Plus, I will have primary lessons to prepare (we resume teaching next week) and organ playing to catch up on. The new ward chorister (a real piece of work) refuses to let us pick the songs. She says that's not how it's done. I tried to explain to her that since neither of us actually play the organ, that it's ok to deviate from the norm in this situation. She left us a phone message saying she'll quit if we don't play her songs next week. The problem is that I can't play I Believe in Christ, nor do I want to. I've tried to help the ward learn new songs, though they are rather resistant. So she says she'll quit, huh? I think I'm about ready to call her bluff.


Posted by Susie at Thu May 24 2007 09:17

I hope you mean the new ward chorister!

You won't be bored, taking care of Maggie takes up more time than you think. =)

Posted by Mom at Fri May 25 2007 11:38

It will be a great experience. You will never forget it and you may never get to do it again. So--enjoy.

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