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Show-Off: Maggie enjoys driving in an SUV more than she does in our cars. I think she feels less crammed, and it's easier to get her in and out. I'm glad we upgraded.

Last night we went to Boudin for dinner and Maggie had a throng of adorers. Then today was EY Disney day. She wore her EY onesie. She must have been very excited to go, because she got me up to feed her at seven. These days, she usually waits until closer to eaight for her morning feeding. So we got there at nine. We got free EY water bottles and one of those little battery-powered fans. It is electronic and says EY Summer Party with the date on it. It is a very high-tech little gadget I must say.

In the park we hit Fantasy Land (what else would we hit with a baby?) She seemed a little apprehensive on Dumbo, but she really seemed to like Alice in Wonderland, the Teacups (we didn't spin), Pinocchio, and the Carousel. She seemed indifferent to Snow White. She really liked Winnie-the-Pooh. The Jungle Cruise got her wet at the beginning so she stopped liking it right away. On Pirates she basically stared at the ceiling the whole time so I don't know what to think. Susie and I kept saying how great it is with a baby because they aren't really scared of anything yet (Maggie's only fear is that of abandonment, so it would seem). So it's hard to say how she took the drops on Pirates. But she didn't cry.

At lunch she got a picture with Daisy Duck, and she got to dance with Donald and Mickey, more or less. My coworkers all loved her. We had planned to leave after lunch, but she really seemed to like it there. She wouldn't eat or sleep; she was too involved with her surroundings. Which means she'll probably sleep through the night tonight. Yay! So we stayed for the parade. She seemed to like the music and the movements of the characters. In particular, Pinocchio and Doc came over and shook her hand. And Mary Poppins went out of her way to come over and comment on how rosy Maggie's cheeks are. What a cutie.

So to make a long story short, we decided to get passes. We got the cheapest ones that only let you go on weekdays only and not at all the whole month of July or on any holidays. They are $125 each but the EY tickets were $50 each, so with the trade-in value of our tickets it was only $150 total. To put it in perspective, a ONE day park hopper is $85 each, so we use these passes twice and they are paid for. I plan on taking her to each park once a week while I'm on leave, so they'll be payed for before the month is over.

Finding Nemo submarine ride opens next week, so we'll get to go on that as well! And California Adventure has a whole section of kids rides based on A Bug's Life. Maggie can't wait to go back. She's sleeping as we speak so she'll be rested and ready to go back!

Maggie is now a little talker. She talks all the time. She'll go on and on and on and on. It's exhausting keeping up with her.

In my other world, it really is bad form for recruiters to cold call me at work. I usually just hang up on them. One rude gesture deserves another I suppose. Stop calling me.

The Cost of High Society: So EY sponsors a program called Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY). Each office gets to nominate someone in their area and it goes to regions, national, and worldwide eventually. Anyway, I participated by conducting an on-site interview of a potential candidate and did a one-page write-up on my candidate's business success story. My candidate made it to the finals, which means that I got invited to attend a banquet honoring him as a finalist.

I got the invitation on Friday. It is a black tie affair. Here's the low-down on the event: cost of renting a tux: $50. cost of two tickets to the dinner for me and my wife: $400 (not kidding). Laughing about the absurdity of actually attending: priceless.

I would love to attend, but it can't cost me two full days of pay to do so. Our disney tickets, good for a whole year, are only 1/3 the price of this event. How can a meal cost $200? Do you know how many times we can eat out for that? Needless to say, I'm speechless.

Like Mother Like Daughter: I'm trying to plan next week's primary lesson but it's hard with a snoring baby on a boppy next to you. At least now I can turn off Playhouse Disney.

[Comments] (3) Yes, Virginia, God Does Answer Prayers: Today was our first day back in primary. We were both extremely nervous. But Spencer fell asleep ten minutes into sharing time, and Maggie went to Relief Society so we could teach class unfettered. I knew the kids were excited. Both they and their parents have been telling us for weeks how much they missed us. But the primary presidency all seemed pretty happy to have us back as well. We were both dreading church so much this morning. I'm glad I don't have to dread it now.

Next on my list: figure out how to get a new title on the SUV so that we can get insurance on it. I feel scary driving it without.

[Comments] (4) Peace & Sirens: In LA for training. We came up Tuesday night only to find that my room with a king sized bed was gone. At least I got a room. Some of my coworkers did not even get a room. Apparently, the Sheraton needs a lesson on how a reservation works. They know how to take them, but not how to keep them. Pitiful. So we slept in separate beds. I wasn't in the mood to sleep that tightly.

We also asked for a crib for the bug. When we got to the room, there was a fridge in the bathroom but no crib. I kept telling Susie that they must have thought I said fridge. Two hours later, we finally got the crib. Pathetic. But Maggie got even with them: she peed all over the crib. She doesn't do that at home.

Last night was too quiet. It was my first night away from home without the Beet. But on the plus side I ate at my fav downtown hole-in-the-wall restaurant: Charlie Kabob. I can't decide if I love the food or the name the most.

Two more days and I get to take my baby to Disney!

Summer Vacation: It felt like the last day of school today. Work never takes a break; school does. Yet I get the next four weeks off. In the words of Green Day: "Wake me up when September June ends.

[Comments] (1) Wish they all could be California girls: Today Susie and I took Maggie to the beach again. But this time I insisted on taking her out on the sand to let her see the boats and hear the waves. I also held her up so that she could let her toes feel sand. She got plenty of sand between each toe, so I'm glad I didn't expose more of her to the beach. She seemed to enjoy it.

What she really enjoyed, though, was stopping at IKEA on the way home. She seemed completely mesmerized by that place. We had dinner there and Maggie talked the whole way home about her day to us. I wonder if she realizes, now that she is front facing in her bjorn, that we were there with her. She loves to talk!

[Comments] (4) Fun in the sun: Sunday was another adventure. Maggie slept during Sacrament meeting. And then she lit up sharing time. We sit on the back row of Jr primary, but you would think we were at the front. All the kids were looking at Maggie, and every time she cooed, she captivated the room. Patrick says she's the cutest person in our class, and Clayton and Lucas like to play with her feet.

Elizabeth still sits by us in sacrament meeting, and she held Maggie for a minute. She told me she wishes I was her dad. She also told me that I have vampire fangs (I kind of do).

Today Maggie and I had the (almost) ideal day. First, Maggie slept until 8:30, giving me plenty of time to clean the house and read part of my book. When she got up, I dressed her and off we went to Disneyland. We rode small world and Mr Toads. She then took a bottle and a small nap as I fled the mayhem to CA Adventure. There we went on the Monsters Inc ride, Fliks Flyers, Heimlichs Chew Chew Train (lame), and Francis ladybugs (not near as cool as the teacups, and very bumpy). We also went on the Ariel's underwater carousel which she really seemed to enjoy.

We got home at noon and she ate again and went down for a two-hour nap, so that dad could eat lunch, forward work emails to the people covering for me, did the dishes, and read more of my book. Susie came home at 4 so that I could make dinner. And now Maggie's taking another nap. She was very kind to me today, in exchange for me toting her around the happiest place on earth.

The one bad thing was that today was opening day for the Finding Nemo ride, and we weren't invited. Apparently riding something opening day is only for the rich and/or invited. So the park was crowded and we couldn't even enjoy it. Maybe next week.

[Comments] (3) We've all got daddy's nose: Went to Disneyland again yesterday. Maggie especially liked the train. I took her out of her carrier and let her sit on my lap and look around. Everyone around us thought that she was a major attraction. But she wouldn't pay attention to any of them. She was busy admiring the park. We went in the morning for three hours, went home and rested, and went back for two more hours in the afternoon. Boy am I exhausted. But it beats holding her all day at home. She didn't make me hold her at all at home. I guess that was her way of thanking me for a fun day.

Today we're gonna hit the beach. I hope she won't mind not going to Disney again.

[Comments] (4) Independence Day: Maggie loves to take the binky out of her mouth. She tries to put it back in herself, which has has done maybe once. I think she really wants to do it on her own instead of bothering us. Which is sweet. But she isn't quite there yet.

Life seems so much better with Susie working and me staying home. For one thing, Maggie seems to nap better for me, which means I have more time to cook and clean. For another thing, Susie doesn't work as much as I do, so we see each other more and can both care for Maggie better. If only Susie's job paid better....

Tonight I wanted to make an eggplant parmesan, cuz I relaly like that stuff. But all the recipes seemed way too involved for someone caring for an infant. So I'm getting it take-out from Maggiano's instead.

[Comments] (1) Maggie & Me: Yesterday we went to the farmer's market. I bought some baklava and some bok choy. They have a raffle every day at 11 and each booth gives away free stuff. Maggie and I won free peaches!

Maggie sleeps half the day. Which is great. I get lots done while she sleeps: practicing for sacrament meeting, planning primary lessons, checking my work emails, cooking, and cleaning. I'll miss it when she grows too old for naps.

[Comments] (1) Thoroughly Modern Millie: Raspberries! They are on sale for $1 a pack at Von's right now. I cleared out the store on Saturday and I'm going back for more tomorrow. That is like 75% off.

Today was my first father's day. And to celebrate, Maggie has been so good. She took me to IHOP for breakfast yesterday and she didn't even cry on the way to church. But the downside was that our ward did nothing for the fathers today. I FINALLY make it into the club and they discontinue the benefits. Figures.

[Comments] (3) Kodak Moment: Today at the Spectrum I saw a security guard riding on a Gob-mobile. It made me laugh.

Speaking of kodak moments, I think a lot of people think that seeing me with Maggie during the day (doing the shopping, going to Disneyland, etc) is a kodak moment. One lady even asked me yesterday why I wasn't at work. She seemed skeptical at my response. But why shouldn't I be able to have it all?

[Comments] (2) Mean Daddy: Maggie has decided that she will only take a nap if forced to. So that means I have to put her in her crib and let her cry it out for about 5 minutes. Now, I know 5 minutes is not a long time (some babies will cry it out for hours), but it feels like a long time. Long enough to make me feel like a mean daddy. But I know she's tired. So I guess that's what they mean by "daddy knows best"?

I just found out that I have to go to Washington, DC in July for three days for work. It's not long enough to do anything fun, yet long enough to mess up my internal clock. And Susie will be here all alone during that time. I hope that we will both survive the trip.

On the Sidelines: Last night we took Maggie on a walk at the mall and to get a Jamba Juice. There were throngs of people there lined up on the sides of the stores waiting for something. I started jogging my mind for what they could be waiting for: movie premiere, book premiere, etc. Well. It turns out that yesterday, at 6 pm, was the unveiling of the iPhone. What a momentous ocassion. And I was there! (many people had t-shirts on commemorating the event). I hope that one store had a stock of at least 1,000 phones, cuz there were a lot of people in line. I wonder if I'll ever own one? I have no idea how much they cost, but I'd probably rather not have one and spend the money on a vacation or something.

Maggie got a mild flu from her immunizations on Thursday. It's her first sickness, and I'm loving it! She sleeps a lot more and she is more mellow. It was a nice break from the high-maintenance baby I'm used to. She seems better today, so I am glad it was nothing serious.

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