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Show-Off: Maggie enjoys driving in an SUV more than she does in our cars. I think she feels less crammed, and it's easier to get her in and out. I'm glad we upgraded.

Last night we went to Boudin for dinner and Maggie had a throng of adorers. Then today was EY Disney day. She wore her EY onesie. She must have been very excited to go, because she got me up to feed her at seven. These days, she usually waits until closer to eaight for her morning feeding. So we got there at nine. We got free EY water bottles and one of those little battery-powered fans. It is electronic and says EY Summer Party with the date on it. It is a very high-tech little gadget I must say.

In the park we hit Fantasy Land (what else would we hit with a baby?) She seemed a little apprehensive on Dumbo, but she really seemed to like Alice in Wonderland, the Teacups (we didn't spin), Pinocchio, and the Carousel. She seemed indifferent to Snow White. She really liked Winnie-the-Pooh. The Jungle Cruise got her wet at the beginning so she stopped liking it right away. On Pirates she basically stared at the ceiling the whole time so I don't know what to think. Susie and I kept saying how great it is with a baby because they aren't really scared of anything yet (Maggie's only fear is that of abandonment, so it would seem). So it's hard to say how she took the drops on Pirates. But she didn't cry.

At lunch she got a picture with Daisy Duck, and she got to dance with Donald and Mickey, more or less. My coworkers all loved her. We had planned to leave after lunch, but she really seemed to like it there. She wouldn't eat or sleep; she was too involved with her surroundings. Which means she'll probably sleep through the night tonight. Yay! So we stayed for the parade. She seemed to like the music and the movements of the characters. In particular, Pinocchio and Doc came over and shook her hand. And Mary Poppins went out of her way to come over and comment on how rosy Maggie's cheeks are. What a cutie.

So to make a long story short, we decided to get passes. We got the cheapest ones that only let you go on weekdays only and not at all the whole month of July or on any holidays. They are $125 each but the EY tickets were $50 each, so with the trade-in value of our tickets it was only $150 total. To put it in perspective, a ONE day park hopper is $85 each, so we use these passes twice and they are paid for. I plan on taking her to each park once a week while I'm on leave, so they'll be payed for before the month is over.

Finding Nemo submarine ride opens next week, so we'll get to go on that as well! And California Adventure has a whole section of kids rides based on A Bug's Life. Maggie can't wait to go back. She's sleeping as we speak so she'll be rested and ready to go back!

Maggie is now a little talker. She talks all the time. She'll go on and on and on and on. It's exhausting keeping up with her.

In my other world, it really is bad form for recruiters to cold call me at work. I usually just hang up on them. One rude gesture deserves another I suppose. Stop calling me.

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