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[No comments] The Cost of High Society: So EY sponsors a program called Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY). Each office gets to nominate someone in their area and it goes to regions, national, and worldwide eventually. Anyway, I participated by conducting an on-site interview of a potential candidate and did a one-page write-up on my candidate's business success story. My candidate made it to the finals, which means that I got invited to attend a banquet honoring him as a finalist.

I got the invitation on Friday. It is a black tie affair. Here's the low-down on the event: cost of renting a tux: $50. cost of two tickets to the dinner for me and my wife: $400 (not kidding). Laughing about the absurdity of actually attending: priceless.

I would love to attend, but it can't cost me two full days of pay to do so. Our disney tickets, good for a whole year, are only 1/3 the price of this event. How can a meal cost $200? Do you know how many times we can eat out for that? Needless to say, I'm speechless.

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