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[Comments] (3) Yes, Virginia, God Does Answer Prayers: Today was our first day back in primary. We were both extremely nervous. But Spencer fell asleep ten minutes into sharing time, and Maggie went to Relief Society so we could teach class unfettered. I knew the kids were excited. Both they and their parents have been telling us for weeks how much they missed us. But the primary presidency all seemed pretty happy to have us back as well. We were both dreading church so much this morning. I'm glad I don't have to dread it now.

Next on my list: figure out how to get a new title on the SUV so that we can get insurance on it. I feel scary driving it without.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Jun 03 2007 20:36

What kind of SUV did you buy?

Posted by John at Sun Jun 03 2007 20:54

We took Frances's car and gave Rachel Susie's old car. Maggie seems to prefer sitting up high, and Rachel wanted to spend less on gas.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 04 2007 09:04

Little Maggie is going to love our being in Primary if it means she gets passed around Relief Society every week. She is such a little social butterfly.

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