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[Comments] (1) Wish they all could be California girls: Today Susie and I took Maggie to the beach again. But this time I insisted on taking her out on the sand to let her see the boats and hear the waves. I also held her up so that she could let her toes feel sand. She got plenty of sand between each toe, so I'm glad I didn't expose more of her to the beach. She seemed to enjoy it.

What she really enjoyed, though, was stopping at IKEA on the way home. She seemed completely mesmerized by that place. We had dinner there and Maggie talked the whole way home about her day to us. I wonder if she realizes, now that she is front facing in her bjorn, that we were there with her. She loves to talk!


Posted by anonymous at Mon Jun 11 2007 09:46

You are now Mr. Mom. How was the first day?

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