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[Comments] (4) Fun in the sun: Sunday was another adventure. Maggie slept during Sacrament meeting. And then she lit up sharing time. We sit on the back row of Jr primary, but you would think we were at the front. All the kids were looking at Maggie, and every time she cooed, she captivated the room. Patrick says she's the cutest person in our class, and Clayton and Lucas like to play with her feet.

Elizabeth still sits by us in sacrament meeting, and she held Maggie for a minute. She told me she wishes I was her dad. She also told me that I have vampire fangs (I kind of do).

Today Maggie and I had the (almost) ideal day. First, Maggie slept until 8:30, giving me plenty of time to clean the house and read part of my book. When she got up, I dressed her and off we went to Disneyland. We rode small world and Mr Toads. She then took a bottle and a small nap as I fled the mayhem to CA Adventure. There we went on the Monsters Inc ride, Fliks Flyers, Heimlichs Chew Chew Train (lame), and Francis ladybugs (not near as cool as the teacups, and very bumpy). We also went on the Ariel's underwater carousel which she really seemed to enjoy.

We got home at noon and she ate again and went down for a two-hour nap, so that dad could eat lunch, forward work emails to the people covering for me, did the dishes, and read more of my book. Susie came home at 4 so that I could make dinner. And now Maggie's taking another nap. She was very kind to me today, in exchange for me toting her around the happiest place on earth.

The one bad thing was that today was opening day for the Finding Nemo ride, and we weren't invited. Apparently riding something opening day is only for the rich and/or invited. So the park was crowded and we couldn't even enjoy it. Maybe next week.


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