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[Comments] (3) We've all got daddy's nose: Went to Disneyland again yesterday. Maggie especially liked the train. I took her out of her carrier and let her sit on my lap and look around. Everyone around us thought that she was a major attraction. But she wouldn't pay attention to any of them. She was busy admiring the park. We went in the morning for three hours, went home and rested, and went back for two more hours in the afternoon. Boy am I exhausted. But it beats holding her all day at home. She didn't make me hold her at all at home. I guess that was her way of thanking me for a fun day.

Today we're gonna hit the beach. I hope she won't mind not going to Disney again.


Posted by Mom at Wed Jun 13 2007 21:13

How did she like the beach?

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jun 13 2007 21:51

Does she sleep at all when you are at Disneyland?

Posted by John at Thu Jun 14 2007 08:36

Mom: she did not care for the beach. I think the light wind that is always prevalent at the beach bothered her. Plus, there's really nothing interesting for a baby to look at there. But she has a cute little tan now!

Kristen: She does sleep. She usually sleeps when I walk to a different land, and then wakes up when I get on the next ride (sitting down with the bjorn on always seems to wake her up). And she usually sleeps the whole way home.

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