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On the Sidelines: Last night we took Maggie on a walk at the mall and to get a Jamba Juice. There were throngs of people there lined up on the sides of the stores waiting for something. I started jogging my mind for what they could be waiting for: movie premiere, book premiere, etc. Well. It turns out that yesterday, at 6 pm, was the unveiling of the iPhone. What a momentous ocassion. And I was there! (many people had t-shirts on commemorating the event). I hope that one store had a stock of at least 1,000 phones, cuz there were a lot of people in line. I wonder if I'll ever own one? I have no idea how much they cost, but I'd probably rather not have one and spend the money on a vacation or something.

Maggie got a mild flu from her immunizations on Thursday. It's her first sickness, and I'm loving it! She sleeps a lot more and she is more mellow. It was a nice break from the high-maintenance baby I'm used to. She seems better today, so I am glad it was nothing serious.


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