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[Comments] (1) The Jig is Up: Last week we were informed that the other 7 year-old primary teachers were being released and that we are now one big consolidated class. So Susie and I now teach 11 children, plus a Maggie. Then this week they told us that treats are no longer appropriate rewards in Primary. How else am I supposed to control 11 children while holding a sleeping baby? I think I may have to break the rules quite a bit on this one. What's the worst that can happen? They'll release us? On the bright side, today was my last day playing the piano for the ward choir.

Friday night we saw HP5. Brother and Sister Erickson were there, so we sat by them, and they let me share their popcorn. That's a real treat for us; Susie and I never buy movie theater foods. I actually enjoyed the movie. I had very small expectations for the movie, as book 5 is my least favorite. But I enjoyed the movie. Of course, the Newsweek thought it was a disgrace, what with all the leftout stuff. But I liked what they left out--no one wants to see teenagers fight on screen for two hours. And the way they handled the Cho breakup was also quite clever. I was a little sad they left out Aunt Petunia's howler, however. I also liked the actresses they cast for Luna and Umbridge. Luna was perfect. And Umbridge had a slight comical air about her that made it actually possible to stand her. I was rather impressed. Can't wait for this weekend! Please pray that I don't have to work (it's been rumored). I'm not going to get spoiled this time, dagnabit.

Tomorrow bright and early I leave for DC. I'm not going to really have any time to sightsee, so this trip is going to be a lot of wasted effort. Oh well. It'll be a slight adventure, and I'll probably be more tolerant of the heat here after spending a few days in an east coast summer.


Posted by susie at Tue Jul 17 2007 18:02

your girls miss you!

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