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[Comments] (1) Face Time: I didn't have to work this weekend! Yay! Friday the place cleared out by 4 pm, so I figured that was a sign that no one (important) was working this weekend, so I stayed until 6 pm and left for the weekend. It's like that old saying goes: "If you work on Saturday and no one is there to see it, did it really happen?" No....

So Friday night, as Susie mentioned, we relaxed at home, only to be disturbed by a girl screaming bloody murder upstairs. This is the fourth time I have heard such noises; Susie's first. So we decided to call the fuzz. I can't understand what makes a girl keep coming back to such a situation. Then again, they are just kids. Maybe it's nothing. But if it is nothing, then at least this girl will have learned not to cry wolf. And if it is something, well, we gave them a chance to work it out. Hopefully now they'll get the message. In their defense, they sure are quiet at night for Maggie (they used to like to play loud music at night).

Today we went and saw "Spiderman 3" at the $1 movie. I thought it was pitiful and the plot deplorable. The only good part was the big fight scene at the end. It's so sad to see a good original become so tarnished by its sequels. Which explains why we haven't seen Pirates 3 yet. Maggie must have agreed with me, because she was pretty fussy during the movie.

I can't believe it's August already. It definitely has been a cooler summer this year. I'm very grateful for that.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Aug 05 2007 20:12

I wonder if you saw the first Spiderman again lately if you would like it. I remembered liking it but I saw it again and it was so lame and cheesy. 3 was cheesy too but it was alright, kinda long. I really like Topher Grace the actor though.

I'm glad you called the Cops. I think it is so rude when people are loud. Especially when a baby is needing to sleep.

You deserved the break...

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