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Do the Mushu: Yesterday at work they provided lunch for us Labor Day laborers. It was Chinese. My fortune says "The current year will bring you much happiness." Very, very true.

Maggie follows me with her eyes everywhere I go. It is so hard to slip out to go to work, because she doesn't miss a beat. She sees me go. I think she will grow up thinking work is the worst four-letter word out there. And when people reference the "four-letter word," she will think they mean work, and not the f-bomb.

We went to Disneyland last night and had a good time. It was very uncrowded, and Maggie found the night scene quite enchanting. That was the first time she's been out that late (besides for a walk in the hood) and she found all the twinkling lights fascinating. Susie and I commented that it was her own little version of Vegas. It must have worn her out, because she slept through the night.

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