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[Comments] (1) Daddy's Little Ghoul: Since we will be moving over Halloween, we have decided not to get Maggie a costume. Instead, we got her a Halloween shirt from Old Navy she can wear. It's black with a glow-in-the-dark ghost on it that says "Daddy's little ghoul." I'm getting Mickey pumpkin ears.

Well. Maggie didn't like peas. She didn't like bananas. But today she ate sweet potatoes like there would be no tomorrow. I don't like bananas either, and peas aren't my favorite (though I do like edamame), but I really like the pumpkin family. I guess she's working up her Thanksgiving appetite! It's hard to introduce new foods because, if she doesn't like it, we have to keep feeding it to her because she can't have another new food for four days after introducing new foods, to aid in allergy detection. At least the next four days will be fun (and less messy). I can't believe my bug turned 6 months today.


Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 10 2007 17:27

She gobbled down her sweet potatoes again today. We actually almost used a container in 1 day!

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