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[Comments] (3) It's Confirmed: I took that carrer quiz twice, because the first time I think I misunderstood the term "likes to learn new things hands-on." Apparently they literally mean hands-on, and I'm a white collar worker all the way, though I do like to learn new things hands-on in a figurative sense.

Anyway, both times the same position came up first in the affirmative: Special education teacher.

I really considered teaching in college, but decided against it for two reasons:

1. My mom, a teacher, talked me out of it.

2. The pay.

I guess I've got my fallback now. That is, after I make my millions.


Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 17 2007 15:13

John also had Recreation Therapist on both of his!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 17 2007 19:06

Match made in heaven, you and Susie.

Posted by Joseph D Walch at Tue Sep 18 2007 05:49

I have been trying to steer Michelle that direction as well. You're right about the pay, though. At least you can hone your skills dealing with people like me in the meantime.

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