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Fly on the Wall: I forgot to post about our experience on Pirates yesterday at Disney:

Man behind us: I'm gonna open my next business in Sweden.

Woman behind us: I don't think Swedish girls will like you.

Man: Are you kidding. Swedish girls will love me.

Woman: No they won't. They like their men with dark hair and dark complexion. My family is Swedish. My grandpa is from old towne Stockholm, grandma's from the country, cousins from Ikea, etc.

Man: You talk too much.

Later, after the drops:

Man: The thing about the Mormons is....

Long pause

Man: They just have so much integrity.

Woman: Did you know that the seven habits book is written by the Mormons?

Later, as the ride is concluding.

Man: This ride was boring.

Woman: Why?

Man: It's just that, I've been on this ride since I was five, and it never changes.

Woman: Yes it does. They added Johnny Depp and that guy with the squid face.

Man: I don't think you understand me at all.

At that point, I lifted Maggie up from laying on my lap.

Woman: Oh, look at the beautiful baby!

Man: Do you know why people like rabbits better than mice?

Woman: Huh?

Man: Rabbits are actually nastier than mice. But people like them because of the big eyes and soft skin. It's the same with babies. But really, you'd be much happier with a rat infestation in your attic than with a rabbit infestation in your cellar.

At which point Susie and I quickly exited the ride.

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