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[Comments] (7) Head still spinning: Just got back from UT. I still cannot believe what I've accomplished this trip. Or what I still have to accomplish as a result of this trip.

Firstly, I can't believe we bought a house. I also cannot believe we qualified for a loan so easily. Apparently banks are only too eager to lend money to people, whether those people deserve the loan or not. I also cannot believe I found a house that I love. I totally planned on settling for a house with 100 things I hated about it, but I found one with less than 10. It will be a fun endeavor turning this house into a home over the next few years. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep over the whole escrow process.

Secondly, I got my raise for the year. I have high expectations for these things, and am always disappointed. But, without saying too much, the raise is 8% higher than even my highest expectation was.

Thirdly, I got some nice job offers. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep deciding which one to choose.

Fourthly, I have been informed that the probate court has finally agreed to leave us alone to sell a house! That is extremely good news.

Now I just have to get homeowner's insurance, choose where I want to work, hire movers, finish up all my work here, and find time to sleep. Here's hoping for a quick October.


Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 26 2007 09:43

Sounds like fun!

Posted by Sumana at Wed Sep 26 2007 19:17

We're so happy for you overall at this neat change in your life, but especially relieved of course at #4. Yay!

Posted by Mom and Dad at Fri Sep 28 2007 19:06

We couldn't be happier with all that went on here. Every house you looked at had to have room for visitors -- especially Rachel, Leonard and Sumana. Such love and considertion for family -- I hope we taught you some of that. Take what you have to get done one bite at a time and you'll be all finished when I get there on the 27th.

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 28 2007 20:28

I hope you're not trying to get out of packing!! I don't think we'll be done. =)

Posted by Kristen at Sun Sep 30 2007 18:13

That's so awesome that you were able to buy a house in a "buyer's market". Sounds like more good things to come for you guys.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Oct 07 2007 06:03

Oh, John, I am not surprised at all you qualified for a home loan. Talk about fiscally sound buyers. BTW, we found good homeowners insurance through Geiko. Of course, best prices for insurance vary on location. I'm so excited for you!

Posted by Susie at Sat Oct 20 2007 19:53

Congrats on the big raise!

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