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[Comments] (1) The Final Countdown: I have made my decision, and must learn to live with the consequences. I have decided to transfer to the EY SLC office, for lots of different reasons. First, the office is moving from downtown to the Gateway, so the commute will be easier and the food options will be more plentiful. Also, if I need to buy a last minute present, it'll be convenient. Second, I am used to the system there and feel comfortable and confident in my ability to succeed in this new market. Third, I just can't walk away from the incredible raise I received this year. Few could. Fourth, it's prestigious to work for a big company, most of the time.

So that leaves us one month to finish escrow, pack and move, finish work down here, and not go crazy in the process.

The last two nights after work we have visited Disney, which is all decked out for Halloween. I'm still salivating from the 5,000+ candy corn they have decorating California Adventure. Susie wanted Maggie to wear her Halloween shirt there, but I said she can't wear it until October. Call me old fashioned, but I find it premature to celebrate Halloween in September. Monday will come soon enough.

I'm sad that Daylight Savings isn't until November this year. I could have used the extra hour of sleep this weekend. Not that Maggie knows the difference or anything....


Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 02 2007 18:00

Now it is too hot to wear her shirt! Figures.

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