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[Comments] (4) The Beet is On: The Beet has already fully vested herself in our lives, and she still lives in Susie's tummy. Susie has back-to-back showers the next three weekends for the Beet. Her room is almost all set (still gotta get the wallpaper up). I applied for my free work-provided breast pump, and also applied for my 6 weeks of paid leave. Honestly, that leave is one of my motivating factors this busy season.

Speaking of the day job, we were named 25 on the list of 100 Best Companies to work for. Last year we were like 60, and the closest other Big Four firm is like 58. What does all of this mean to me? One of three things, I guess: (1) I have really high expectations from a company that may be unrealistic; (2) The average person doesn't mind working 55+ hours a week for 6 months out of the year; (3) There are a lot of really crappy companies out there.

I hope that, after the Beet arrives, I'll still have the energy to work out in the mornings. Today is the first day that I actually feel like my workout regiment is changing my body shape.

I also read recently that Manhattan smells all the way to Newark? What's that all about? I always thought it was the other way around....


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 10 2007 11:46

See, I told you your tummy is cute!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jan 10 2007 13:40

but i bet susie's tummy is cuter!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 11 2007 15:39

What? You get SIX weeks paternity leave? I have never heard of better stick with E&Y. With all those showers you won't need to borrow any of Lily's clothes. :) But seriously, I can lend them to you still if you want.

Posted by Jill Whitney at Sun Jan 14 2007 13:44

i love that you got yourself a breast pump John. That's clasic. but it is awesome that you get paid leave. good luck guys!


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