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[Comments] (3) Truth & Lies: Yesterday when I went home I noticed the car in front of me had an Antarctica license plate. Can that be for real? I don't see how it can, but it looked real.

If it's not real, I wonder. I see lots of people in California with stupid license plates in lieu of real ones (fake Angel fans ones, fake USC alumnus ones, etc). I thought that it was illegal to not display your license plates. If not, then why even bother with license plates in the first place?


Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 04 2007 15:24

it is. Someone stole mine once and I got a ticket.

Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 04 2007 16:19

That Angels one we saw while walking on the other side of the freeway was only on the front of the car, where a license plates it not required. But that doesn't explain Antarctica...

Posted by Alyson at Sun Oct 07 2007 09:07

Why do people steal license plates? Dave's cousin was visiting from the states and his was stolen in Canada. Talk about inconvenient replacement.

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