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[Comments] (1) There & Back Again: Back from SLO, as it is known to the locals, and those in the know, including me but not including my wife. I love being right.

Maggie slept for two hours on the drive up, which was nice. We stopped at a beach between Ventura & Santa Barbara both coming and going to feed Maggie. The water was the bluest I have ever seen, as it is semi-polluted in SoCal & the Kong, brown in NYC, and grey in Alaska (due to the silt).

We stopped for Pea Soup, and Maggie had a bite and ate some bread. The waiter couldn't believe how well-behaved she was. That place is quite a riot--there is so much junk for sale in Solvang. They have these sleeping puppies and kitties that breathe while they sleep. Creepy indeed.

Joel & especially Leah found Maggie to be quite the hot item. Leah would go up to Maggie and just grunt and grunt. Then Maggie and Leah would crack up laughing. The kids weren't shy at all, unlike the last time I saw them. Joel wasn't even afraid to go in the hay bale maze with me at the pumpkin patch. He found his own way out, in fact.

It must be nice to be able to walk to the ocean every day. We're close, but not that close. The big rock is still in the bay, and it still looked big. Sometimes things that were larger than life as a child aren't so cool as an adult. But the rock is still big. On the way home, Maggie slept for two hours straight, then screamed for two hours straight. She always looks so glad to be home. Hopefully she won't be traumatized by the move. I hope that once our stuff shows up at our home, she'll accept the move easier.

Maggie is definitely a Richardson. We gave her peach wedges to eat at the picnic table while we ate breakfast and she just gnawed and gnawed on those pieces. Millions of peaches, peaches for Maggie.


Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 09 2007 13:45

Thanks for going on a trip with me!

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