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[Comments] (2) Calling Ma Bell: As part of the Verizon "new every two plan" I got a brand new phone yesterday. For free. An LG Chocolate phone. Not that I need all the gadgetry, but this is my first camera phone. I got Susie a new one as well, as hers was half off with the plan.

She wanted a pink razor phone. Pink. I told her pink is not good--now I can't use it. And I told her I've heard a lot of complaints about the razor phone. And sure enough, last night as she played with it, she complained about it. Oh well, hope she'll learn to like it. I love mine.


Posted by Kristen at Thu Oct 11 2007 16:20

Lorna and Julie have razors and they say it doesn't stay charged for even one day.

Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 11 2007 21:21

You didn't tell me you've heard lots of complaints about it.

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