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[Comments] (1) Daddy Daughter Day: I took the day off to be with my family after yet another grueling deadline ended. As Susie mentioned, it's been a long day for us. Along with packing up most of the kitchen and a few other things, Maggie managed to have a rough night throwing up, poop in the bathtub this morning, have a bad bought of the trots (luckily we were holding her at the time and it got on nothing), going to Disneyland, watching Maggie pull herself up in her crib (which we have now lowered, thank goodness), and bribing Maggie into crawling! The trick is to show Maggie her binky, then place it about 5 paces away from her. She'll crawl to it every time. The first time it was just Maggie & me; the second time Susie was there; the third time, we added the camera.

Though I didn't want to lower the crib and have her crawl till we moved, it's been fun watching her progression nonetheless. Even with my crazy work schedule, I've been blessed to be present for about 90% of these 'Maggie milestones.' But I do hate doing anything to the crib because the bumper makes it difficult to get the sheets off. I'm ready to pack it away and use the hide-a-crib until we move.

So much to do at work before the move. Better get back to the grind.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Oct 17 2007 13:14

Lily only had the port-a-crib her whole crib life...we're such terrible parents to let her sleep in such discomfort and unattractiveness. Amen about the bumper...I hate changing Gunnar's sheets. There has to be a better way?!

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