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I Need a Hero: Maggie's been vomitting since Monday night. Yesterday at the doctor's office it was my turn to start throwing up. Then last night Susie started. There we were about 6 pm last night, all laying on our bed, counting down the minutes to Maggie's bedtime so Susie and I could go to bed too.

Luckily I felt the sickness coming on and only had a cup of Instant Breakfast. I skipped lunch and dinner, and am so glad I did. I really had nothing to vomit up. This morning I feel much better, and am sticking to peaches and water until I am absolutely certain they can stay down.

Now it's my turn to help Susie and Maggie recover. We've had Maggie on breastmilk and Pedialyte only, so I'm surprised she's still not doing well. I had to get out of a major assignment today. I think, though, I'd rather be at work with a healthy family.

We've been wracking our brains trying to figure out where we got this from. Especially since Maggie got it first and gave it to us. Usually it works the other way around. Well, duty calls.

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