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[Comments] (1) Don't jinx it: I feel almost 100% better now. Tomorrow I am going to have actual food again! Also, I've lost six pounds to this illness.

Susie also is better, which means that I can go back to work on Monday. I've got 5 days left in this office, and I've got a lot to do before the big move.

Maggie seems a lot more perky now, didn't feel feverish to the touch today, seems to have her apetite back (though we don't know for sure, as we are still depriving her a little until we are sure), and overall appears to be on the mend.

We close escrow on our house on Thursday! We will own a house very soon!

We have been informed that we are now in escrow to get rid of another house. Pinch me. It can't be true.


Posted by Susie at Sat Oct 20 2007 19:54

Thank you SO much for taking such good care of me and Maggie. You are so great!!!

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