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Do you know the way to San Jose?: La la la la la la la la la.

In San Jose for training. Our hotel is in Santa Clara right next to Paramount's Great America amusement park. I actually went to that park in 1997. It still looks quite the lame park.

So far the training has been pretty good, but I already want to go home. I start work in the SLC office this Friday, and here's hoping for a smooth transition from the OC to the SLC.

Even though it's only 6:30, I'm tired. The last three weeks have been exhausting, but Susie and I have accomplished much good. Think I'll retire to bed with a good book soon.

When I was a kid I always thought it would be fun to move around a lot. I now know better. The best lifestyle is one close to home. Here's hoping our UT residence will last for many years. I'm tired of moving.


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