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[Comments] (1) Vocalizing my thoughts: Now that I have a commute, I have time to think again! Here is my Top 10 "thankful for" list this year:

1. Susie. She's always at the top, and for different reasons each year. I love her.

2. Maggie. Each day with her, I feel more fulfilled as a human being than I even knew was possible pre-parenthood. She is the apple of my eye.

3. EY. Between the 6-week paternity leave and the opportunity to transfer to an office I am not quite sure needs me that badly, I feel like an asset to the Uncle Ernie family.

4. Eagle Gate. I get to walk under the Eagle Gate at the corner of South Temple & State Street every morning. It brings back many fond memories of visiting Mary & Harry when we were little, who owned a beautiful home above the Capitol building and below Ensign Peak. Of course, I'll be even more grateful come January when we move to the Gateway and my commute shortens 10 minutes each way because I don't have to drive downtown anymore.

5. Disney. This has been an emotional year. Between having a baby, moving, working more hours, etc, it was always nice to be able to forget my worries and go play for a few hours every week. Plus, it was always fun to get out and have people faun over my daughter. Once again, thanks to Uncle Ernie for the discount APs!

6. Our primary kids. I miss them already. The hardest part of leaving California was leaving those kids. I looked forward to church every week, even though it was hard to do primary with Maggie in tow. I wish them good primary teachers in the future, and that they don't have to grow up too fast.

7. Our new house. Over time, that house will become a part of us, and it's been fun to invest myself into it, both financially & emotionally. The view is calming, and there's room to grow!

8. I'm thankful to be near family again. The past year or so we were "flying solo" was not easy. It's nice to finally feel grounded somewhere surrounded by a support group. And once Maggie decides to like them, Susie & I can re-instate date night!

9. Grandma June & IHOP. Glad Susie gets to go every week, even if I can only go once in a while.

10. Last but not least, the gospel. Nuff said.


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