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[Comments] (3) Let It Blow: It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. I am definitely glad that it decided to blizzard on a Saturday than on a work day. I actually got to enjoy it! Susie and I got to shovel the walk twice, and it wasn't that bad. Also, we live in a cool area because our roads were clear by 11 (my mom's and brother's neighborhoods still weren't clear by 4). I guess we must pay more taxes for the added benefit of early snow removal.

We also accosted a free Christmas tree yesterday from one of my mom's neighbors, whose roads were atrocious at 3 pm. The pathfinder slid every which way down her street. That is, until we put it into 4-wheel drive. I don't know what possessed Frances to have 4-wheel drive in CA, but we sure are benefiting from it in UT. Anyway, free Christmas tree!

The tree had lights on it, but they were colored. So I removed them all and strung 800 lights on this 7-foot tree that will be a permanent fixture thereon. Today in the paper, I was looking at the ads for trees, basking in the fact that mine was free. Anyway, it appears that most pre-lit, 7-foot trees come with around 500-600 lights. I repeat, ours has 800. I hope airplanes don't try to land in our front room. But I think it looks better with the extras.

So stringing the tree is how I spent a snowed-in day. It probably took me 2-3 hours to put all those lights on, because I did it the right way. There had better not be any rogue bulbs in the batch, or the tree may find itself rolling down the street.

And it would. It is always so windy here on South Mountain. Which basically means now that snowbanks are forming from the wind re-shuffling the snow. Once again, glad I don't have to drive in it.

Tomorrow I become better than the average driver--my commute moves to the carpool lane!


Posted by Rachel at Sun Dec 02 2007 14:34

I think mom just liked the *idea* of having four wheel drive. we did use it when we went on the dino hunt.

how did you get it for free?? i was thinking about getting a small one for my room but don't really see the point, I WILL SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS!!

Posted by MOM at Sun Dec 02 2007 18:18

Glad the tree worked out. Was it a slim-line? You always do good at putting lights on the tree. Hang on to those colored lights. Someone in the family will have a use for them. You can even use them in your yard.

Posted by Susie at Sun Dec 02 2007 18:50

The tree isn't as full as I would have picked out, but it's not as skinny as yours.

John you made me laugh about the airplanes landing. And the tree rolling down the street.

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