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[Comments] (3) Yay & Nay: Grr: Our garage door spring has snapped in two. I have to open the door manually (and it's cold and heavy) and it costs $450 to fix.

Yay: It's covered under our appliance warranty the seller's gave us.

Yay: Maggie has learned how to drink out of her sippy cup and likes to eat food chunks we give her (cheese, green beans, sweet potato puffs, gingerbread cookies, etc).

Grr: There's crummies all over my clean floor.

Yay: Only 10 days until Christmas!

Grr: Due to snowstorms and work, I haven't bought a thing.

Yay: It's Saturday! I get to spend the day with my Beet!


Posted by Kristen at Sat Dec 15 2007 11:39

I hate to tell you, but the crumbs on the floor lasts until they are 3 yrs old. I had just gotten over the whole "mop the floor every other day" phase with Lily and then Gunnar was in the high chair. Plus when they get to about 18 mos, for some reason they like to throw their food on the floor, on purpose! So annoying.

Posted by Susie at Sat Dec 15 2007 19:34

only 3 years? I think my sister in law is still vacuuming up after her teenagers.

Sorry about the garage door honey!

Posted by Mom at Mon Dec 17 2007 07:10

I clean up the floor more from the teenage grandkids than the little ones. Crumbs never end.

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